Undocumented Youth Arrested at Protests for DREAM Act

It's worth noting a Georgia protest where seven undocumented youth got arrested for sitting in the middle of a busy intersection to protest a rule that bans undocumented students from attending Georgia universities. This is the latest in a series of escalating protests in response to the Dream Act, and we'll have to see what happens with these youth.

Should they be threatened with deportation, it'll raise the furor of the Latino community, and without a doubt, place the White House in the middle of the immigration fray once again. Ironically, President Obama raised the issue of protests and fighting to pass the act at a Univision town hall a few weeks ago.

We didn't get it passed this time, but I don't want young people to be giving up because if people in the past had given up, we probably wouldn't have women's rights, we wouldn't have civil rights. So many changes that we've made had to do with young people being willing to struggle and fight to make sure that their voices are heard.

The students arrested hailed from several states and the push to raise bail money from them is circulating across the Internet. More to come as it develops. You can watch the CNN video of the protests and the arrest here.