Warren Christopher

Warren Christopher wasn't a perfect secretary of state, but as an advocate of caution and restraint in foreign policy, his passing this weekend -- on the eve of our new adventure in Libya -- was more than a little ironic. Here's a portion from The New York Times obituary:

Mr. Christopher, who as a diplomat came to embody a reluctance to use force, supported President Truman's use of atomic bombs on Japan but later expressed doubt as to whether all alternatives had been fully explored. [...]

He occasionally spoke out on international issues, urging in an op-ed article in late 2002 that President Bush should rethink "his fixation on attacking Iraq" [...]


It's worth noting that Christopher recently -- along with James A. Baker III -- oversaw a commission to study and revise the 1973 War Powers Act. Among their recommendations: a proposal to require congressional consultation for combat expected to last longer than a week. It doesn't sound like much, but in light of the administration's unilateral decision to intervene, it would have been welcome.

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