WHO APPROVES OF THE CONGRESS? Kate's post on the dismal approval rates of the Congress in the Reuters/Zogby poll made commenter Eric state: "...this poll would be more useful if we knew why people didn't approve of Congress. " Indeed.

While we are waiting for that question to be added to all the polls it's interesting to note that the latest Gallup poll finds that more Republicans than Democrats or Independents now approve of the Congress:

Nearly all of the recent increase is due to improved ratings of Congress among Republicans. The percentage of Republicans approving of the job Congress is doing rose from 18% in August to 37% in September.

This is astonishing. As TPM Election Central notes:

This is odd, of course, considering that both houses have Democratic majorities. But on second thought, the current Congress has passed President Bush's funding requests for Iraq, passed his FISA bill, and has given the White House exactly what it wanted on a host of other issues. So what do Republicans really have to complain about?

Mmm. Don't you think that the Congressional Democrats are like an ice-hockey team getting the puck in the goal a lot -- but sadly the goal is their own?

--J. Goodrich