Whole Foods: Sorry For Acknowledging Ramadan

The Village Voice obtains a set of internal e-mails from Whole Foods that finds the company backing down on its Ramadan-related promotion because it made some folks mad:

Saffron Road's halal items are still for sale in Whole Foods. Yet partners at the stores are directed to tell customers: "Whole Foods Market is not promoting Ramadan, but rather featuring the great halal offerings our shoppers can find in our stores during this special time."

Despite a statement from the Anti-Defamation League that Whole Foods and its Ramadan promotion aren't vaguely anti-Semitic, the association between a holiday that represents a time of patience, humility and charity for Muslims across the world and Jihadist terrorism is apparently so strong with a small, vocal minority that Whole Foods has capitulated to these people -- who surely can't represent the chain's larger demographic -- and buried its former Ramadan promotions as if they were a dirty secret.

I'm sure all the folks who complain about the secular left's war on Christmas will be lining up to attack this kind of totalitarian political correctness that seeks to banish religion from the public square.

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