Christopher Dreher

Christopher Dreher is a writer living outside Boston.

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Vast Write-Wing Conspiracy

Idea and reality are often miles apart, especially when it comes to business schemes. It's a Panglossian truism displayed a few weeks ago with the release of Ed Klein's The Truth About Hillary , the first high-visibility title from Sentinel, the imprint of the august publishing house Penguin that was launched in August 2004 for the specific purpose of publishing red-meat, right-wing fare. The idea was that a high-profile, “ideology-free” author with mainstream credentials would give Sentinel a bit of ideological cover and get the book taken seriously in literary circles in a way that titles from Regnery, the hydra-headed monster of right-wing publishing, do not. The Truth promised startling revelations about the junior New York senator that would, as Matt Drudge put it in a breathless April 10 posting, “sink [her] candidacy for president.” Sentinel even moved up the publication date from fall to June 21 to get the most out of the incipient publicity. The reality, of course, is that the...