Christopher Dreher

Christopher Dreher is a writer living outside Boston.

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Vast Write-Wing Conspiracy

Idea and reality are often miles apart, especially when it comes to business schemes. It's a Panglossian truism displayed a few weeks ago with the release of Ed Klein's The Truth About Hillary , the first high-visibility title from Sentinel, the imprint of the august publishing house Penguin that was launched in August 2004 for the specific purpose of publishing red-meat, right-wing fare. The idea was that a high-profile, “ideology-free” author with mainstream credentials would give Sentinel a bit of ideological cover and get the book taken seriously in literary circles in a way that titles from Regnery, the hydra-headed monster of right-wing publishing, do not. The Truth promised startling revelations about the junior New York senator that would, as Matt Drudge put it in a breathless April 10 posting, “sink [her] candidacy for president.” Sentinel even moved up the publication date from fall to June 21 to get the most out of the incipient...