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The Lost Continent

A Continent for the Taking: The Tragedy and Hope of Africa By Howard W. French • Knopf • 280 pages • $25.00 The appointments of Colin Powell as secretary of state and Condoleezza Rice as the president's national-security adviser raised hopes in some quarters that the United States would begin to take more serious interest in Africa and its problems. But those hopes have been largely dashed. The government has failed to provide adequate funds for the campaign against AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean on which the president pledged to spend $15 billion over five years. And the administration has done nothing to reverse the cynical indifference of U.S. policy toward Africa's corrupt governments. In A Continent for the Taking , Howard French, a former New York Times West Africa bureau chief, gives us the context necessary to understand Africa's current problems and the deeper reasons for the indifference -- and complicity -- of European governments and the United States...