Derrick Z. Jackson

Derrick Z. Jackson is a Fellow in climate and energy at the Union of Concerned Scientists and a periodic essayist for The American Prospect and ESPN's The Undefeated. He is a 2001 Pulitzer Prize finalist, a 2018 winner from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, and a 2017 winner from the National Association of Black Journalists.

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White Nationalist Bigotry Is the Official Policy of Trump’s White House

Conservatives who indignantly hounded African Americans from government jobs during the Clinton and Obama administrations haven’t batted an eye at the overt racism of Donald Trump’s appointees.

(Photo: AP/Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)
(Photo: AP/Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) Senator-elect Chris Van Hollen of Maryland and Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, both Democrats, attend a news conference on November 15 in the Capitol to denounce the selection of Stephen Bannon as chief strategist to President-elect Donald Trump. P resident-elect Donald Trump wasted no time in establishing a hideous double standard of racist privilege in the White House. His appointment of Stephen Bannon as chief strategist and his picks of Jeff Sessions for attorney general and retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn as national security adviser have been praised without qualification by Klansmen, neo-Nazis, the alt-right, and other white supremacist groups. That stands in stark contrast with the quick, off-with-their-heads terminations of controversial African Americans during the Clinton and Obama administrations. While no white appointee for Trump can be too offensive, no black government official could ever survive being seen as, to borrow...