Eleanor LeCain

Eleanor LeCain, a consultant on issues and strategy for candidates and elected officials, is host of a weekly show on PRN Radio. She is the author of Breakthrough Solutions: How to Improve Your Life and Change the World by Building on What Works, introduction by the Dalai Lama.

Recent Articles

How to Defend American Democracy

We need a national hub to defend democratic rights and values in our politics, our courts, our universities, and our media.

Despite vital gains in the midterm election, democracy in the United States remains under assault from within and without. Dark money influences elections, policy, media, academia and the judiciary. Voter suppression by Republicans disenfranchises large numbers of voters and affected the outcome of key races in Georgia, Florida, Texas, and elsewhere. An authoritarian reigns in the White House, elected with Russian assistance. We need to take a fresh look at what’s needed to defend democracy in America. To that end, many citizens are already energizing existing organizations and forming new ones. Recognizing that the challenges are beyond the scope of any one organization, a number of groups have come together to form the Democracy Initiative, a coalition of 68 organizations dedicated to making sure that every citizen’s voice is heard and every vote counted accurately. In November’s elections, Democracy Initiative members won some impressive victories, including...