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Ezra Klein is a former Prospect writer and current editor-in-chief at Vox. His work has appeared in the LA Times, The Guardian, The Washington Monthly, The New Republic, Slate, and The Columbia Journalism Review. He's been a commentator on MSNBC, CNN, NPR, and more.

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What About Promotional Flashlights and S'mores?

I really like James Wolcott's idea for a weekly Air America show about Bush-based conspiracies. But it'd have to be done right. A shrill show with unlikely sounding tales repeated breathlessly by a too-dramatic host would be no good, it'd make liberals look nuts. But a show with a slightly incredulous host, who could deal with the theories in a skeptical but respectful manner could be very effective. God knows the material is there; even those of us who dismiss most of the tales can't but shake our heads at the appearance of total impropriety and desperate secrecy the Bushies seem dead-set on achieving. And simply giving those connections free reign -- letting hardcore viewers believe the conspiracies while most are unpleasantly surprised by the skull-and-daggers mask so often worn by this administration -- would be an interesting show, not to mention the good it'd do by promoting some of these stories into the mediastream. Add in some laughs through a sane-everyman-in-a-world-gone-...

American Mediocrity

How is Michael Lind so damn prolific? If he's not writing books rearguing Vietnam or tracking Southern ascendance , he's penning must-reads on America's burgeoning dispensability in foreign affairs. And I thought bloggers covered a lot of ground. Jealousy aside, Lind's piece , sneakily reprinted by Steve Clemons, is the best big-think I've read on foreign policy in the last couple of months. American exceptionalism, until recently an international belief, is now confined to mere regions of our own country. But since those regions control the bully pulpit, the world is finding itself more and more contemptuous of the arrogant, hypocrital, self-defined superpower righteously condemning the uncooperative just before begging for their help. As a result, various areas of the world are uniting to create international superstates, confederations of countries unified in world affairs, often for the sole purpose of blunting American influence. And it's working, both in practical matters and in...

Pesky Political Bedfellows

James Dobson, fresh from protecting our children from the persuasive homosexual arguments of aquatic cartoon characters, has turned his attention to bigger, harder, longer fights. Namely, homosexuals (what can I say? The guy's got focus). Along with some Christian superfriends, he's formed The Arlington Group and written Karl Rove a letter promising to sink Social Security privatization private accounts obliteration if Bush doesn't move faster on outlawing his Vice-President's daughter. Dobson has reason to be worried. Bush, of course, famously broke with the party platform and argued that: "I don't think we should deny people rights to a civil union, a legal arrangement, if that's what a state chooses to do so." When Charlie Gibson asked if he was disagreeing with the GOP platform, Bush, shooting characteristically straight, replied "Right". Only it seems that his inflection was off. What he meant to do was say "Riiiiight", give a wink and cross his fingers. At least that's what...

Losing Esteem for Self-Esteem

Remember all the times your teacher told you how special you were? Remember all the ego strokes delivered by well-meaning adults, certain enough compliments and praise would keep you from using crack, having kids and needing condoms? Eh, turns out it did no good . No wonder you're such a fuck up.

Politics Makes Me Sad

You know, it makes a sort of cosmic sense that Orwell is dead, because I don't think he could exist on the same planet as Frank Luntz. You've really got to listen to this Air America clip , it's just...I mean wow. It's the first time I can confidently call Orwellian an understatement. And, sadly, the private accounts-personal accounts switch is happening in full sight of, and with total cooperation from, the media . Keith Olbermann or some enterprising program should air a special on the manipulation of political language with this Administration's verbal contortions on Social Security being the backbone. That'd be Must-See TV, not too mention a service to their viewers. But, be honest, can you really see such an informative piece airing outside Jon Stewart's studio? Yeah, me neither.