Gary Hart

Gary Hart is a former Democratic senator from Colorado.

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A Well-Regulated Militia

Few Americans know that we have two armies and that both are acknowledged by the United States Constitution. One is the military that we know best, the regulars: the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy, joined later in history by the Marines and the Air Force. The other, originally known as the militia, is now called the National Guard. Why would our Founding Fathers invite confusion and duplication by creating two separate military establishments? The answer dates to the earliest city-state republics in Greece. Throughout 2,800 years of republican theory and practice, a standing army has always been considered a threat to republican liberty and a potential instrument of tyranny. A standing army composed, necessarily, of professional soldiers rather than citizen-soldiers represented too convenient an instrument of power for a putative dictator, tyrant or "man on a white horse." Educated in the classics, familiar with both Greek and Roman republican history and culture, and animated by the...

The Other War

President Bush and his administration, especially Secretary of State Colin Powell, deserve credit for skillfully and patiently involving the international community in the project to disarm Iraq. So, of course, do Bush's critics, whose efforts compelled the United States to work through the United Nations' inspection process rather than going it alone. The president has left open the possibility, slim as it may seem, that Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi government will comply and disarm as required. However, President Bush does not appear to do so with a great deal of conviction. So we may yet find ourselves in Gulf War II in the first half of 2003. The lingering possibility of war raises two sets of urgent questions. The first set has to do with the conditions for invasion. If Saddam Hussein does not cooperate, will we invade Iraq alone or in concert with other nations? What are reasonable casualty estimates on both sides? Is our goal "regime change," as Bush earlier stated, or is it...