George Sterzinger

George Sterzinger is executive director of the Renewable Energy Policy Project.

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Beyond Sunny Hopes and Windy Rhetoric

To realize the promise of solar and wind power, aspirations need to be matched with more effective strategies.

President Barack Obama hopes that new wind and solar projects will produce many thousands of new jobs. Renewable energy, after all, is manufactured energy. If domestic producers were to provide the thousands of component parts that a major shift to wind and solar energy requires, a side benefit would indeed be a domestic production industry and significant employment. Unfortunately, we do not currently have a domestic renewable industry capable of supplying those components. Neither do we have any real plans to develop one. Failure to support a world-class domestic renewable industry in the face of greatly expanded demand will have two negative consequences. European Union and Asian countries will continue to capture most of the new jobs. And the increased domestic demand for wind and solar projects could easily outstrip the industrial capacity to supply the components, leading to bottlenecks and price increases. The expectation among renewable-energy advocates is that programs to...