J. Brown

J. Larry Brown is executive director of the Center of Hunger and Poverty in the Heller Graduate School at Brandeis University. For further information, see www.centeronhunger.org.

Recent Articles

From New Deal to New Opportunity

A merica's ambivalent electorate seems to reflect the paradoxes of our times: hunger amidst prosperity, a monumental and growing wealth gap, and record-high employment while millions of workers struggle to make ends meet. Yet no unifying policy framework commands broad support, and no strategy exists to convey a new vision in popular terms. In the mid-1990s, the progressive community was so tethered to the status quo of admittedly flawed income-support policies that it lost to those who proposed to "end welfare as we know it." While that marketing slogan was less a new policy framework than a cleverly manipulated disemboweling of a central element of the New Deal, it underscores today's dramatic policy void. But this void is also an opportunity for a compelling new vision. We believe that the concept of asset development is the most promising new idea on the social policy landscape and the most viable unifying framework for the future. It has already gained significant support across...