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Peer Power: Facebook, Voting, and Social Influence

A new study from the University of California, San Diego , shows how a Facebook get-out-the-vote campaign can have a tangible impact on voter turnout—but only when there’s a certain sort of social component to it. The researchers conducted an experiment on every American Facebook user who was 18 or older during the 2010 congressional elections—more than 61 million people. Most people in the group saw a message at the top of their News Feed that encouraged the user to vote, provided a link to find local polling places, showed a clickable button reading ‘I voted’, showed a counter indicating how many other Facebook users had previously reported voting, and displayed up to six small randomly selected ‘profile pictures’ of the user’s Facebook friends who had already clicked the I Voted button. Another group (which the researchers call the ‘information-only group’ in the paper) saw a similar message, but without pictures of their...

Scapegoating Campus Feminists

"Islamo-fascism Awareness Week" was full of vague complaints and puffed-up rhetoric -- but made sure to single out women's studies departments.

The women's studies department at George Washington University certainly doesn't come across as a threatening institution. Overshadowed even on its own block by the large, glassy Benjamin T. Rome Hall and the Smith Hall of Art, the small, white brick townhouse at the corner of 22nd and Eye streets NW doesn't even contain the offices of most of the faculty listed on the department's Web site. And yet, last Wednesday, students associated with the conservative Young America's Foundation (YAF) protested outside the department as a light rain fell, arguing that it was hindering the United States’ attempts to fight Islamic extremism. The students were participating in Islamo-fascism Awareness Week, a national event launched by David Horowitz's Terrorism Awareness Project (an offshoot of his Horowitz Freedom Center) "to confront the two Big Lies of the political left: that George Bush created the war on terror and that Global Warming is a greater danger to Americans than the terrorist...

A New Group with an Old Message on the War

A new organization set up to advocate for our continued involvement in Iraq doubles down on a failed PR strategy in the hopes of regaining the support of moderate Republican voters -- and smoothing the path for a pro-war presidential candidate.

"I know what I lost," intones a stoic-sounding young Iraq war veteran via voiceover as he limps out his front door and struggles down his stairs on two prosthetic legs. "I also know that if we pull out now, everything I've given and sacrificed will mean nothing." Then, a warning: "They attacked us, and they will again. They won't stop in Iraq. We are winning on the ground and making real progress. It's no time to quit -- it's no time for politics." This television ad is one of four being broadcast by Freedom's Watch, a new organization seeking to halt the hemorrhaging of support for Bush's Iraq and Afghanistan policies, and to make life easier for pro-Iraq war lawmakers. Freedom's Watch announced in a press release on Wednesday that it is "launching a nationwide grassroots campaign aimed at ensuring Congress continues to fully fund the troops with the ultimate goal of victory in the War on Terror." The release notes that the group plans to spend $15 million "on radio and television...