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Complete Sentence

A week after the supreme court delivered a stinging rebuke to the Bush administration in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld , holding that the military tribunals it had fashioned to try Guantanamo detainees were illegal, I went to the base to visit my detainee-clients and to inform them joyfully of the Court's ruling. To say the least, they were unmoved. For them, nothing had changed: Their confidential legal documents had been confiscated, their blankets taken away, they still had no reading material; they continued to have no hope of seeing or talking to their families ever again, or of getting a fair hearing or trial. And they were right to despair: The administration had already begun its pushback. Despite congratulatory whooping by many, including my own thrill at the decision, the impact of Hamdan now appears to have been all but eviscerated. Stateside, the Hamdan decision was widely seen as a leap out of the “War on Terror” morass. The case had been brought by Salim Ahmed Hamdan,...