Marc Rodwin

Marc Rodwin is Associate Professor of law and public policy at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University and the author of Medicine, Money and Morals: Physicians' Conflicts of Interest (Oxford University Press, 1993). With funding from a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Award, he is writing a book on managed care and accountable health care.

Recent Articles

The Neglected Remedy

Scattershot regulation of drive-through deliveries and other abuses isn't the only way to respond to the rise of managed care. There is another option: Giving consumers more of a say.

M anaged care seems finally to have done what health care reformers a few years ago couldn't accomplish: stir demands for more government regulation. After some health maintenance organizations cut hospital maternity stays to a maximum of 24 hours, the caption of one editorial cartoon read "HMOs—Heaving Mom Out," with an image of a mother in a catapult hospital bed. [3] Then the press learned that managed care organizations had contract clauses, dubbed "gag rules," that bar doctors from making critical comments about the organization to their patients, discussing unauthorized treatment options, or disclosing how they are paid. On its cover Time magazine pictured a doctor gagged with a surgical mask. [4] Soon federal and state legislators, including Republicans, were falling over each other in the rush to regulation. [5] Were these freak exceptions in the era of deregulation? Maternity is, well, a motherhood issue, and gag clauses overtly trample on patients' and doctors' rights...