Marshall Steinbaum

Marshall I. Steinbaum is an economist at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, where he researches inequality and the labor market. 

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Uber’s Antitrust Problem

Uber recently settled one lawsuit, but its drivers remain contractors and several court challenges loom—including one that puts the ride-sharing service in the crosshairs of antitrust law.

AP Photo/Eric Risberg
When the ride sharing service Uber settled a pair of class action lawsuits with its California and Massachusetts drivers last month, many saw it as the beginning of the end of Uber's regulatory problems. In fact, the $100 million settlement’s provision that Uber may continue to classify its drivers as independent contractors signals that the company’s legal problems are far from over. That’s because the real regulatory threat facing Uber may not be from labor standards, but rather from antitrust law. Uber still faces lawsuits on the classification of drivers in other states, as well as separate, ongoing litigation with the National Labor Relations Board. Amid wider scrutiny of the “gig economy” and of growing market concentration and profitability in a variety of emerging sectors, Uber could be facing a grave threat to its profitability or even its existence. The immediate threat takes the form of an antitrust class action lawsuit against its co-founder...