Paul Offner

Paul Offner is at the Georgetown Public Policy Institute at Georgetown University.

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Forgotten Men

Although the last decade has brought unprecedented prosperity to many Americans, the picture has been decidedly mixed for young black men. Their crime rates have dropped, and their school enrollments have increased, but things are not going so well for young black workers. During the strongest economic expansion since World War II, while the overall unemployment rate fell from 7.5 percent to 4.0 percent, their employment situation improved only mildly (even as the proportion working or looking for work actually dropped). Employment figures for all racial groups tend to rise and fall with the general state of the economy. However, while the rate for whites is relatively flat and the rate for Hispanics rises, the rate for blacks trends downward. By 2000 young black men were 23 to 25 points below the other two groups. The picture is quite different for women. Young, less-educated black women lagged behind both whites and Hispanics during the 1980s, but they overtook Hispanics as the...