Rashid Khalidi

Rashid Khalidi is a professor of Arab Studies at the University of Columbia, where he directs the Middle East Institute.

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American Anointed

In the best of times, it is not easy to explain the complexities of the Middle East and how the United States has related to it over the past century. Most Americans are oblivious to their country's massive impact on the world and on the Middle East in particular. It is even harder after the trauma of September 11 to explain that for decades the United States itself helped to foster some of the radical-extremist Islamic tendencies that gave rise to the horrific attacks on U.S. cities. American media self-censorship has ensured a traditional blackout on certain types of news about the Middle East (for instance, reportage, common in the Israeli or European press, on Israeli human-rights violations in the occupied territories). Nevertheless, it is a fact that many of the leaders of the groups that most likely carried out these attacks were once welcome allies of the United States. This is true whether they once belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood or one of its offshoots, adhered to...