Sherry Turkle

Sherry Turkle is professor of the sociology of science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a licensed clinical psychologist. She is the author Life on the Screen: Identity
in the Age of the Internet

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Seeing Through Computers

Computer literacy used to mean knowing how computers worked; now it means just knowing how to work with them. What we need are new critical reading skills for the emerging electronic culture.

Illustration by J. T. Morrow This article continues the series, " The New Media and Learning ," which opened with three articles in our July-August issue. All articles were originally presented at a conference sponsored by The American Prospect at the MIT Media Laboratory on June 4, 1996. Audiotapes of the presentations and discussion are available by calling 1-800-872-0162 or by ordering from The American Prospect's topical page on Education and the New Media . The conference and articles were underwritten by a grant from the Spencer Foundation. Other articles in the series: Paul Starr, " Computing Our Way to Educational Reform " Mitchel Resnick and Natalie Rusk, " Computer Clubhouses in the Inner City: Access Is Not Enough " Kathryn C. Montgomery, " Children in the Digital Age " Shirley Veenema and Howard Gardner, " Multimedia and Multiple Intelligences " T oday nearly everyone is certain that schools and universities should teach students about computers, but exactly what they...