Simon Maloy

Simon Maloy writes about politics and the media as a research fellow at Media Matters for America. His writing has appeared in The Washington Post, the Huffington Post, and Politico.

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Limbaugh Doubles Down

AP Photo/Photo Courtesy of Rush Limbaugh
Listening to the crude, discursive monologues on Rush Limbaugh’s daily three-hour radio program, which I have had occasion to do for a living, is a test of endurance for a person with minimum standards of decency. It’s a bit like being blown out of an airlock into the vacuum of space without a spacesuit. You can hold out for only so long before your lungs rupture and air bubbles perforate your brain. You lose consciousness just as your saliva starts to boil. This is by design. Since Limbaugh’s program began airing nationally 24 years ago, the goal of every episode has been to create an environment in which liberalism can’t but die. The show and its host came along at a time when the Willie Horton-ized politics favored bomb-throwing. The medium of political talk radio was just beginning its ascendance from regional media backwater to primary driver of national Republican politics. But here we are today, newly embarked upon the second half of the Obama epoch. The...