Personhood Bill Dead in Virginia

The Virginia legislature dumps the transvaginal ultrasound, but moves forward with a personhood amendment. 

Rick Santorum's Cross to Bear

He may be right to complain that he gets more questions about religion than Romney. Sort of.

Was George W. Bush a Real Conservative?

A perfect conservative? No. A real one? Yes.

Ho-Hum, Another Day, Another DOMA Defeat

You know you're winning when a major win gets no news media attention at all. 

Why Arizona is "in Play" This November

More Latino voters + an antagonistic Republican Party = a swing state.

Today in Ridiculous Scapegoats for Violent Crimes

Yeardley Love wasn't killed because of "hook-up culture" or alcohol.

Congressional Battle Ready

Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth runs for office and has some words for Rick Santorum.

Burying Camelot

Mimi Alford's memoir marks the end of America's Kennedy fetish.

Where Was the Outrage Over Texas's Sonogram Law?

The state just implemented it.

And the Winner Is: Barack Obama

The only person who came across well in the GOP debate was the president.

Fun With Amendments And Companion Bills

So boys are trying to control girls' reproductive lives? Right back 'atcha, baby. 

The Right to Tell Lies

Arguments in United States v. Alvarez delve into whether fibbing is free speech.

Women for Santorum?

In the latest Associated Press survey, the former Pennsylvania senator is doing well with Republican women.

The Way the Girl Scout Cookies Crumble

When an Indiana lawmaker went against America's little girl sweethearts, he went a step too far.

The End of Affirmative Action in College

Does Fisher v. UT Austin spell the end of the admissions guideline?