No Celebrity Gossip Here

Should speech have to add value to society to be protected by the First Amendment?

Arizona's Dissolving Case Against Unions

The state senate passed one of four bills in an anti-union package, but the fate of the other three seems uncertain.

Is Aspirin a Contraceptive?

Nope. He was saying: Ladies, keep your legs shut. 

Romney's Trouble On The Ground

He's got the money, but has he built a real campaign infrastructure?

Iran Is Not Cuba

In the face-off with the country, the best lesson from the past is that diplomatic compromise doesn't require appeasement.

Round Two in the Repro-Rights Fight

Is the left or right currently winning the contraception fight?

Pre-Abortion Sonograms Make Their Way Into Law

As a bill requiring transvaginal sonograms passes in Virginia, Texas goes about implementing the version that it passed last year.

The GOP Must Really Want to Lose this Election

It suffices to say that Republican attacks on birth control are electoral suicide.

The New Freedom Riders

A multiracial group of young people are fighting to end the NYPD's stop-and-frisk program.

The Right-Wing Media Non-Conspiracy

Their system works, but that doesn't mean it involves orders given and orders received.

Romney: Plain and Unpopular

For now, voters aren't too keen on the generic Republican.

Damn Lies and Double Jeopardy

Supreme Court preview: When can the government try you twice for the same offense? When can it put you in jail for fibbing?

Republican Haves and Have Nots

The 2012 GOP race divides along class lines.

Broadcasting from the Belly of the Beast

Thom Hartmann is taking on the Beltway, while trying to keep his outsider cred intact.

Romney Is in Trouble, Just Not for the Primary

The frontrunner is weakened, but Rick Santorum is still a longshot to win the nomination.