Daily Meme: It's Complicated—The Wendy Davis Story

It's not going to be all pink sneakers and inspiring grassroots action this week for the Wendy Davis gubernatorial campaign down in Texas. On SaturdayThe Dallas Morning News broke the story that key facts of her hard-scrabble, single-mother biography had been "blurred" by the campaign: Davis was divorced at 21, not 19, the age which she and her campaign had asserted her first marriage ended; she spent only a few months living in a mobile home before moving to an apartment; and her second husband gave her significant financial help to pay for her time at Harvard Law School.  


"...at The National Review, Jim Geraghty wonders why we put pressure on politicians to be supermen and -women in the first place..."


Conservatives are demanding Wendy Davis be Perfect Barbie, but what about Abbott? Are we supposed to give his campaign tactics a pass because he's in a wheelchair?

Bet most folks following the Davis-Abbott campaigns didn't even know he's disabled. I've seen Erick Erickson already providing cover for Abbott's tactics by portraying Abbott's disability as being victimized by the Davis campaign, namely BattlegroundTexas.


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