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Today on TAP: The sloppiest word in journalism Read more


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Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden are staking out different territory. Read more

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To beat Trump, we need new ideas that mobilize our nation. Read more

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Today on TAP: Polling the socialism vs. capitalism divide Read more


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On the anniversary of the Saudi state’s killing of the journalist, these think tanks were strategically silent—or, worse, met with Saudi officials. Read more

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Europe’s nationalist identity politicians may be running out of steam. Read more

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As the corporate bill mill wanes in influence, large businesses are taking matters into their own hands. Read more

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Of those supporting the impeachment inquiry, 71 percent want all of Trump’s impeachable offenses brought to a vote, the poll shows. Read more


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As Elizabeth Warren increasingly looks like the front-runner, who might be her running mate? Read more

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As was not the case in 1974, Republicans now have counterfactual media that allows or compels them to ignore blatant lawbreaking. Read more


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The next couple of years could play out very differently thanks to what last week’s impeachment inquiry set in motion. Read more



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Stephen Smith has brought an organizer’s mentality to his campaign for governor of West Virginia. He’s not just trying to win an election, but build a movement. Read more

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What is the thing we worried Trump would do that he hasn’t done? Read more

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Every candidate confronts some kind of scandal. The candidates who win are the ones who can move past them. Read more

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The best way to avoid the curse of déjà vu would be for the moderators to turn the discussion to topics they’ve thus far scanted. Read more

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The former Pennsylvania governor's long track record makes it too easy to unearth examples of his own hypocrisy. Read more

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Republicans sneaking through a budget bill while Democrats attended a 9/11 ceremony exemplifies how the Tar Heel State’s political institutions have been decimated by right-wing rule. Read more

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If AB 5 becomes law, it could open the floodgates to similar legislation in other states. Uber and other companies may then find themselves on the defensive. Read more

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Convention-goers lock in their support, and Joe Biden gets mostly locked out. Read more

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