Election Results, Revisited


Mother Jones

The 2012 election results are close to finalized. Over the weekend, Florida was placed into President Obama’s column—giving him 332 electoral votes to Mitt Romney’s 206—and while officials are still counting votes, the current tally gives Obama 50.6 percent the vote to Romney’s 47.9 percent.

I hope we can all appreciate the irony of that.

Compared to 2004, which seems to be the election most analagous to this one, President Obama has outperformed George W. Bush by more than 40,000 votes, and Mitt Romney has underperformed John Kerry by more than 245,000 votes.

It should be noted that that there are still a few million provisional and absentee ballots in California that need counting. If they look like the rest of the state, then Obama’s could move closer to 51 percent.