Guess Who Doesn't Like Herman Cain?

As if to remind us of his utter contempt for women, Georgia businessman Herman Cain capped off a campaign appearance yesterday with a joke about Anita Hill, who accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his 1991 confirmation hearing:

A clip that first aired on “Special Report With Bret Baeir” shows Cain in the middle of a raucous crowd of supporters when someone makes a comment about Anita Hill. The substance of the comment was drowned out by applause in the room, but it had the candidate doubled over with laughter.

“Is she going to endorse me?” Cain asked, smiling. […]

With this in mind, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that Cain has lost considerable support among Republican women -– according to the latest CBS News poll, he is down 13 points among GOP women, to 15 percent. This brings his overall numbers down to 18 percent support among all Republicans, placing him in the lead, but not by much. Flanking Cain are Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, who both earn 15 percent support among Republicans.

Indeed, it’s clear that Gingrich is on the upswing. In the latest McClatchy-Marist poll of the Republican presidential contest, he places second with 19 percent support from GOP voters. Herman Cain is in third place with 17 percent support, and Romney leads the pack with 23 percent support.

That said, the most important poll of the day comes by way of National Journal, with it’s survey of political insiders. According to National Journal, 66 percent of surveyed Republicans agreed that Herman Cain would be in the race for the GOP presidential nomination come the Iowa caucuses, but none of them were happy with the fact:

Republican Insiders were some of the most cutting toward their fellow party-member. “His ego and inflated sense of self will keep him in the race,” said one. Echoed another Republican who predicted Cain would continue campaigning: “Quitting requires dignity, self-control, and consideration for others.”

When considering Cain’s odds for winning the nomination, you should keep this in mind.