Think Progress reports that a Planned Parenthood clinic in Wisconsin was bombed. Somehow, I don’t think we’ll see Republicans call for a crack down on anti-abortion extremists and anyone who might look like them.

Republicans might choose a Latino politician to stand as their vice presidential nominee, but my hunch is that actual Latino voters will sense that opportunism from a mile away.

Alyssa Rosenberg writes a great review of the season opener for Game of Thrones. For those of you who aren’t watching the series, here’s what you need to know: it’s awesome.

If you follow this space with any regularity, you have probably noticed that I’m a big nerd. One of the things that I’m nerdy about? iOS text editors. Brett Terpstra writes a definitive overview of every text editor in the App Store.

Last Friday, I did a Bloggingheads with Michael Dougherty of Business Insider. We talked Trayvon Martin and race relations, and I think it was a good conversation. Check it out: