Have Republicans Ever Hated a President More Than Barack Obama?

The widespread belief on the right that Barack Obama is a Muslim is one of the stranger features of this period in history. There are some of them who know that Obama says he's a Christian but are sure that's all an act designed to fool people, while he secretly prays to Allah. But there are probably a greater number who haven't given it all that much thought; they just heard somewhere that he's a Muslim, and it made perfect sense to them—after all, he's kinda foreign, if you know what I mean. Rather remarkably, that belief has grown over time; as the latest poll from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life shows, fully 30 percent of Republicans, and 34 percent of conservative Republicans, now believe Obama is Muslim. These numbers are about double what they were four years ago.

You can bet there aren't too many who think there's nothing wrong with it if he were. For many of them, it's just a shorthand for Obama being alien and threatening. So it leads me to ask: Can we say, finally, that no Democratic president has ever been hated by Republicans quite as much as Barack Obama?

In the past when this question has been asked, the sensible reply is to not forget history. After all, when Bill Clinton was president, one of the Republican Party's most respected figures distributed videotapes of a documentary alleging that Clinton was the head of a drug ring and had murdered dozens of people. And they did impeach him the first chance they got. Republicans had a visceral hatred for Franklin Roosevelt, too.

But I really think we've reached a new height. What makes this different isn't just the kind of venom you see among the party's true-believing supporters but that the hate goes so far up, all the way to the top. The party's candidate for president literally claims that Obama hates capitalism and is not really American (Mitt Romney recently said, and not for the first time, that Obama has a "very strange, and in some respects foreign to the American experience type of philosophy"). Liberals look at conservatives claiming that Obama is a socialist or that he doesn't really love America and think, "Those people are nuts." But there is practically consensus in the GOP that these things are true. If a Republican candidate came out today and said, "Barack Obama is a good person who loves his country, but I just think he's wrong about policy," that candidate would probably get kicked out of the party.

This antipathy has multiple sources interacting together, so it's overly simplistic to say that it's just because of Obama's race, or it's just because of heightened partisanship. But it's getting harder and harder to claim that there's ever been a Democrat Republicans hated more.


The common thread is not that these presidents were not only Democrats but were black. Clinton was called the first black president. Elanor Roosevelt was the real first black president. And I doubt if anyone was hated more by Republicans than Harry Truman. Of course, he integrated blacks into the armed forces.

Today's Repubs would hate Jesus Christ

Well, they might hate Jesus Christ until they realized there's money to be made there. Conservative Evangelists have known this for years as they roll in the self righteous dough. However they are merely followers of a lesser god, the old god of the old testament is based on the pagan religions of Egypt. The ten commandments are lifted practically word for word from the Egyptian "Book of the Dead." Study the religion of Osiris and you will understand the mythological history of the desert Semetic Tribes originally driven out of Egypt, and their view of the world. These guys mouth that they are "Christian" while spouting the pagan old testament. Christ gave us a New Covenant, while these Pharisees spout blasphemy. Christ's Orthodoxy and message is "Love thy neighbor" and forgiveness, not vanity of censure and overly-vain judgment of others. Or wrongly accusing someone else of blasphemy.

It is not so much that Republicans hate President Obama as it is an indication that all the Obama Haters now identify themselves with the Repubicans

Republicans often complain how unfair it is that we think they're racist. I feel bad about that, I do. It's just that racism makes so much more sense than the reasons they give for hating President Obama as much as they do.

Countries with strong governments have populations which are generally happy and not afraid. Look at countries like those in Scandinavia, the Benelux, Japan, Chile. Countries which take care of their citizens do better than those that don't. For me, America has become a place I will always love but at this point, I don't like it very much. Republicans just aren't warm, loving, caring, supportive people and I am much happier not being around any of them so I stay in Europe.

I believe they didn't like JFK that much either...

Has there ever been a crazier bunch of republican? The answer to that is, of course, NO. Conservative hero Ronald Reagan would not been far enough to the right for this bunch. The congress can seem to do anything, has stunningly low approval ratings and the House has been taken over by a cadre of maniacs who seem bent on preventing any remedy for our country's problems. Their presidential candidate is running on lies, distortions and misquotes and is not even liked by his own party. The level of hatred for Obama could be just another symptom in this group of lunatics that cant tell the difference between the truth and a lie, have no compassion or empathy and do not have the sense to recognize contradictions, logic or their own self interest.

The common thread is not that these presidents were not only Democrats but were black. Clinton was called the first black president. Elanor Roosevelt was the real first black president. And I doubt if anyone was hated more by Republicans than Harry Truman. Of course, he integrated blacks into the armed forces.


Never before in U.S. history has a President had to endure four years of total negativity and depraved smears. Only race can explain the virulence, dishonesty, and illogic of this shameful campaign. In reality it reflects entirely on the source, a faction that perfectly fits the label "redneck." An embarrassment to our nation, naked before the world.

I seem to recall that Clinton was reviled from the moment he set foot in the Whitehouse. Without Clinton, there's no Rush. And on the other side of the ledger, B*sh was detested the liberals from the moment he was appointed President.

This is the way of American politics in the wake of screed radio and fair and biased (sic) TV news.

Very strange is the absence of comment on the far more mature, good humored, and better mannered President Obama is as compared with his right wing assailants. He has the bearing and personal dignity we expect in our head of state, chief executive, and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. He is also intelligent, scholarly, and diligent. What more could you ask for in the White House? He represents us impeccably before the world.

It's a sad fact that negative ads and the hatred and fear they engender, often win elections. This hatred of Obama also comes from talk radio which has grown exponentially in influence, especially among Republicans since the late 1980s. If anything is to be hated equally with Obama it's the "mainstream" media which can be persuasively argued is left of center on social issues. When it comes justifications for war, economic and taxation issues, not so much. They, unlike the right, are too afraid to appear "unfair" in their treatment of these issues, despite strong evidence one way or another. The right comes to its conclusions on these issues then cherry picks their facts. With campaign contributions now virtually unlimited and disclosure not required the influence of hatred is only limited by the willingness to spend.

Pretty soon the Republican "hate" of Obama will equal the Democrats "hate" of George W. Bush. I think it only about 70% of that value now but should climb as Obama continues to put people out of work and looks down his Elite nose while belittling small-town Americans for being bitter and turning to God, guns and anti-immigrant sentiment to make themselves feel better.

It is clear that he truly belives he is better than others. If you want to know why he believes this I challenge you to view "What You Are Is Where You Were When" (Dr. Morris Massey) to see the impact of Obama's broken childhood on his current beliefs and actions.

Let's see ... FDR, JFK, LBJ, Carter, Clinton ... they've hated every one of them except for (perhaps) Truman and have made outrageous charges against all of them: Remember Clinton's impeachment, the economic mess Nixon left behind from Vietnam and the noose they hung around Carter because of it, the uproar over Johnson's civil rights legislation that the South *still* hasn't gotten over, the accusations that Kennedy was soft on communism for not bombing Cuba during the CMC and the abuse heaped upon Roosevelt for not only Social Security but the depression he inherited?

Hate & fear mongerism is pretty much what they do. The problem is not the Republicans, though, because dogs bark, cats scratch, birds sing and Republicans hate. The problem is that the Democrats roll over and hide behind the nearest rock whenever Republicans come near. Candidate Obama promised that he wouldn't. President Obama, unfortunately, has not lived up to that promise.

Roosevelt outplayed them, Kennedy circumvented them, Johnson overpowered them (at least in the beginning) and Clinton survived them. Obama? He's not nearly the politician that the others were.

What an echo chamber!!

Gee, with GW, we saw BusHitler signage
With Obama, we see tri-corn hats?

Bush had a $4.9 Trillion deficit over 8 years (most accrued in the last 2 with a Dem Congress_, and that was irresponsible
Obama runs a $6 Trillion deficit, in 3 1/2 years (plus $2.3 Trillion in Quantitative Easing), and that is REsponsible?

Bush credited others for successes, and accepted blame for failures
Obama claims the successes of others, and shifts the blame for his failures?

Bush had an unemployment average of 5.27% and that was bad
Obama averages 8.3% unemployment (plus another 6 - 8% who've dropped from the workforce), and that is good?

Bush fought off TWO recessions, due to Dem policies, and he is incompetent
Obama plays golf for 3 1/2 years, and he is golden?

Bush allows enhanced interrogation techniques (nose drops, embarrassment, and puppies) on those who've sworn an enmity to our existence, and he's "torn up the Constitution"
Obama fails to enforce, by EO, the laws of this nation, frees illegal invaders, thumbs his nose at Allies, and tries to cozy up to avowed enemies, and this is viewed as a positive?

The only hate involved here is what Obama is doing to the Country
The only racism is those that use race as an excuse for gross incompetence
The only ideology is the equalization of misery

Every president has been the president of an era,the president for this era is a catch22 cicf. Lord,don't let him be black too!

Every president has been the president of an era,the president of this era is a catch22 cicf.Law don't let him be black too!

The whole "Muslim" thing, as well as any slurs of "foreignness" or "non/un/anti-American-ness" is code, plain and simple. It's a word that signals that Barack Obama is not like "us." Once one recognizes that, it becomes clear that it is a way of saying "N"<?i> without using the word. That dog whistle is heard clearly in certain quarters (i.e., the old Confederacy), and folks start salivating like Pavlov's hounds. It's the Southern Strategy on steroids.

I despise the half white guy because he, he has cheated the American People, and its Constitution, the half black guy wants free food, free phones, free health care WHY? THE SOMBITCH lied about his FRAUD Birth certificate, FRAUD Social Security Number, FRAUD Draft Card, NO SCHOOL RECORDS because he was a foreign college student receiving foreign School aide. A FRIGGIN LIAR to the TAXpayers, cheats on all his your face AMERICA

"Have Republicans Ever Hated a President More Than Barack Obama?"

Yes. The hatred towards Obamanation doesn't hold a candle to the hatred of Lincoln. Lincoln was hated by both the north and the south, republicans and democrats, liberals and conservatives. He is, in fact, the most vilified president of all time.

And you're thinking, no, not Lincoln, everyone loves Lincoln. It took the Republican party 30 to 40 years and a constant barrage of lies and propaganda to turn the tide of hatred that the American people had for Lincoln.

If, when you hear Lincoln, you immediately think, Honest Abe, then you've bought the lie.

No, I'm not a Republican. No, I'm not a Democrat. I'm a Libertarian. From the Libertarian perspective it's truly humorous to watch the squabbling between Democrats and Republicans, who, in the end, both want the same thing -- control. Republicans want to control people; Democrats want to control corporations. Libertarians don't want to control anyone.

Choosing between Republicans with tendency towards fascism and Republicans with their tendency towards communism is like choosing between cherry- and lime-flavored cyanide.

I do not have a problem with them hating the President as much as they do. It is no mystery what is behind that hate -people try to cloak it and say it has nothing to do with his race but if you just add up all of the disrespectful things they have done and said over the course of his terms -like I said-it is clear. What I DO have a problem with is the Republicans blatant disrespect for the office of the President! Mitch McConnell said it plain and clear the night he won his first term, "We will NOT work with him...We are going to make sure he is a one-term President. Then during his State of the Union address to the American people one congressman shouted out "You Lie"! No these guys have hate in their heart and the amazing thing is they have NO ideas for moving the country forward!

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