Romney Accuses Obama of Being Romney

Most independent experts agree that the various Republican budget plans—from Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and others—would have a disasterous effect on lower-income Americans. By slashing programs like Medicaid and food stamps, and cutting taxes on the richest Americans, they would precipitate a massive amount of upwards redistribution; taking from the poor to give to the rich. But it seems that facts like this aren’t actually relevant to the day-to-day of campaigning. To wit, in a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney attacked President Obama for his (apparent) disregard for the least well-off:

At a campaign stop today in Portsmouth, NH, Mitt Romney portrayed President Obama as a foe — and himself a champion — of the poor, noting the “greater and greater gap between those that have the most and those that have the least” and accusing President Obama of being “focused on taking away from those that have the least.” [Emphasis mine]

Mind you, this is the same Barack Obama who expanded eligibility for social programs, signed universal health care, and who has been accused of trying to turn the social safety net into a “hammock.” The only way this can be true is if “the least” is some weird eupehmism for the rich. But since it isn’t, the inescapable conclusion is that Romney is talking nonsense.

As per usual, of course, I don’t expect anyone to call him on it.