Today in Chutzpah

Speaking of that Mitt Romney interview with George Stephanopoulos, it contained this hilarious bit of chutzpah:

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, whom Democrats have charged is too loose with his facts, predicted that President Obama would lie in the October debates.

“I think he’s going to say a lot of things that aren’t accurate,” Romney said in an interview ABC News’ “Good Morning America” anchor George Stephanopoulos.

Here’s what the Romney campaign had to say about “accuracy” and “facts” just two weeks ago:

“We’re not going let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.”

I remain astounded by the sheer laziness of Team Romney’s dishonesty. They just don’t care anymore. As it stands, according to the latest poll from ABC News and The Washington Post, President Obama has a serious advantage on the question of honesty. By a seven-point margin—49 percent to 42 percent—more voters believe the Obama campaign is “saying things it believes to be true” rather than “intentionally misleading people.” For Romney, those numbers are reversed, 43 to 48.