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Harold Meyerson is the editor-at-large at The American Prospect and a columnist for The Washington Post. His email is hmeyerson@prospect.org

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Gore's Mating Ritual

To those of you who've been feeling socially inadequate because your mind goes blank whenever the subject of Who Should Be Al Gore's Running Mate comes up at barbecues or on white-water rafting trips: relax. The American Prospect's poll of the experts conducted in late June has uncovered a similar dearth of suggestions among the Democrats' keenest thinkers, not to mention an objective dearth of suitable vice presidential material.

Consider this sample of responses from the party's ablest strategists:

Solidarity Sometimes

Nothing divides the labor movement like a good city
election. To watch the calculus of narrow self-interest play out in the scrambled
union endorsements of candidates in this month's New York mayoral primary is to
be grateful that all politics isn't literally local--that at least rudimentary
concerns of ideology tend to loom larger in state and national contests.

Dead Center

The centrist politics of the election produced a shrunken electorate and mandate. Are there fresh sources of progressive energy at the grass roots?

We're going to govern from the center," White House political
director Doug Sosnik said in the immediate aftermath of the election,
and no doubt they will. The question is, which center?