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It can create millions of jobs. It can compensate old-economy workers who lose theirs. It can rebuild America. Read more

Green New Deal

Today on TAP: Introducing the Prospect Monthly Donor Challenge Read more



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A look back at the origins of the 21st-century left Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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Today on TAP: Happy Thanksgiving from the Prospect! Read more


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Today on TAP: A window into our president’s malignant psyche Read more


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Today on TAP: In Gordon Sondland, Trump has met his match Read more


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Buttigieg summons shades of Michael Dukakis. No offense to Dukakis, but that’s not good. Read more


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Today on TAP: Medicare for All may arrive in stages, and that’s OK Read more


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Today on TAP: Mike Bloomberg is not the cure to what ails the party Read more


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And while Democratic hopefuls have swarmed the state, three-quarters of Democratic voters don’t know whom they’ll support. Read more


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Today on TAP: The ‘likeability’ question descends on Elizabeth Warren Read more


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Today on TAP: Donald Trump’s presidency is all about Donald Trump Read more


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Where second-tier presidential candidates talk bipartisanship while not really agreeing with each other on much of anything Read more


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What the numbers show: To love the Nats is to loathe the president. Read more


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Today on TAP: The most powerful thing in the world Read more


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Today on TAP: Boeing’s hard-copy apology blitz Read more


Today on TAP: The Prospect celebrates its 30th anniversary Read more


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Today on TAP: A focus on taxes tells only half the story Read more


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Today on TAP: The UAW is up against an old foe Read more


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The three B’s (Biden, Bloomberg, Buttigieg) of can’t-go-big Read more



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The best way to avoid the curse of déjà vu would be for the moderators to turn the discussion to topics they’ve thus far scanted. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Can unions change labor law so that they can reach a deal with all employers? Read more

Working in America


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Dissecting DSA’s battles to define its role in American politics Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Also: What’s Gabbard’s game? Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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The Gang of Five won't be getting any bigger.  Read more

Working in America


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The party has given its VP nod to a senator (or renominated a veep who was a senator) at every convention but one since 1944. Next year, that’s not an option.  Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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The progression of the Fight for 15 from a left-wing community organization and a left-wing union to left-wing cities to left-wing states to the Democratic mainstream is representative of the broader transformation of the Democratic Party in recent years.  Read more

Working in America


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ULTRA-TOP-SECRET: For POTUS (DJT), Ivanka and Jared (JK) only Read more



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Commentators like David Brooks love Scandinavian economics—except the part about unions.  Read more

America and the World


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The five Republican justices’ gerrymandering decision ensures GOP rule even when the party’s in the minority. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Sanders casts his socialism as an updated continuation of the New Deal. Read more

Economic Policy


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Senator Marco Rubio calls out corporate short-sightedness in a startling new paper—but he's short on solutions.  Read more

Economic Policy


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But this time around, the Justice Department isn't interested in challenging antitrust violations.  Read more

Books, Arts and Culture


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The Board chose today to release a month-old memo saying Uber drivers can’t unionize.        Read more

Working in America


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Capitalism is more unpopular than ever—but the billionaire class has yet to catch on.  Read more

Economic Policy


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With the assistance of Fox News and its ilk, Republicans have cocooned themselves against all evidence. Read more

Law and Justice


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The Center for American Progress is hardly the first institution to label liberals and leftists of some means as inauthentic or hypocritical for their own attacks on concentrated wealth.  Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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The new rule against primary challenges is meant to tilt the party more towards the center. Read more

Money, Politics and Power