Meet the Staff

Kit Rachlis


Kit Rachlis is the editor-in-chief of The American Prospect. He has served as editor-in-chief of the L.A. Weekly, senior projects editor at the Los Angeles Times, and editor-in-chief of Los Angeles magazine.  

Robert Kuttner

Robert Kuttner is co-founder and co-editor of The American Prospect, as well as a distinguished senior fellow of the think tank Demos. He was a longtime columnist for Business Week and continues to write columns in The Boston Globe. He is the author of Obama's Challenge and other books.

Paul Starr

Paul Starr is co-editor of the The American Prospect. His most recent book is Remedy and Reaction: The Peculiar American Struggle over Health Care ReformClick here to read more about Starr.

Bob Moser

Bob Moser is senior editor at National Journal and author of Blue Dixie: Awakening the South's Democratic Majority (Times Books). He is the former editor of The Texas Observer, senior editor/writer at The Nation, and executive editor of The American Prospect.

Adele M. Stan

Adele M. Stan is senior editor, digital at The American Prospect.

Mary Parsons

Mary Parsons is the art director of The American Prospect. Her email is

Sarah Kerr

Sarah Kerr is the culture editor at The American Prospect.

Harold Meyerson

Harold Meyerson is the editor-at-large at The American Prospect and a columnist for The Washington Post. His email is

Gabriel Arana

Gabriel Arana is a senior editor at The American Prospect. His articles on gay rights, immigration, and media have appeared in publications including The New Republic, The Nation, Salon, The Advocate, and The Daily Beast.

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Christen Aragoni

Christen Aragoni is a senior editor at The American Prospect. Her email is

Monica Potts

Monica Potts is a senior writer for The American Prospect and a fellow with the New America Foundation Asset Building Program. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, the Connecticut Post and the Stamford Advocate. She also blogs at PostBourgie.

Abby Rapoport

Abby Rapoport is a staff writer at The American Prospect. She was previously a political reporter for the Texas Observer. Her email is

Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux

Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux is a writing fellow at the Prospect. Her email is

Jay Harris

Jay Harris is the publisher of The American Prospect and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Demos.

From 1991 to 2009, Jay was the president and publisher of Mother Jones, the investigative news organization.

Most recently, Jay has been a media consultant and the director of the We the People Campaign, a project, started with Jim Hightower and Katrina vanden Heuvel, to fight the dominance of corporate influence in elections and policy. As a consultant to independent media brands, Jay has specialized in strategy for organizations with “hybrid” business models—ones that support journalistic missions through a combination of commercial and philanthropic revenues.

Jay is the president of the board of the Public Intelligence Foundation (publishers of the Hightower Lowdown) and serves on the board of the First Amendment Coalition and the communications advisory board of Human Rights Watch. He lives in San Francisco. His email is

Amy Conroy

Amy Conroy is vice president for development and strategy at The American Prospect. She has over 30 years of experience in progressive advocacy and politics, having held senior management positions at Alliance for Justice, Sewall Belmont House & Museum, League of Conservation Voters, Women’s Campaign Forum, and Women’s Leadership Forum of the Democratic National Committee. Amy holds a M.A. in cultural anthropology and currently serves as a board member of the Wonders Child Care Center. Her email is

Ed Connors

Ed Connors is the advertising director of The American Prospect. His email is

Editorial Interns

Marissa Lee, Joe McKnight

Contributing Editors
Spencer Ackerman, Marcia Angell, Alan Brinkley, Jonathan Cohn, Ann Crittenden, Robert Dreyfus, Jeff Faux, Ann Friedman, Michelle Goldberg, Gershom Gorenberg, E.J. Graff, Bob Herbert, Arlie Hochschild, Christopher Jencks, Randall Kennedy, Chris Mooney, Sarah Posner, Jedediah Purdy, Robert D. Putnam, Richard Rothstein, Deborah A. Stone, Noy Thrupkaew, Michael Tomasky, Paul Waldman, Willian Julius Wilson, Matthew Yglesias

Board of Directors
Janet Shenk (chairperson), Stephen B. Heintz (vice-chairperson), Benjamin Taylor (treasurer)
Mark Alexander, Jacob S. Hacker, Robert Kuttner, Arnie Miller, Miles Rapoport, Adele Simmons, Paul Starr, Kit Rachlis (ex officio), Jay Harris (ex officio)

Robert B. Reich

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