GIF Out the Vote

Sarah Palin abandons her bus tour after no one pays attention.


Michele Bachmann wins the Ames straw poll.


Santorum just can't get away from Dan Savage's definition of his name.


Romney, the presumptive nominee, gets ready for his close-up.


"Corporations are people, my friend."


Herman Cain and his advisers devise the 9-9-9 plan.


Newt promises us a moon colony.


"Oops!"—Rick Perry



Romney campaign adviser outlines the Etch-a-Sketch strategy.


Romney takes a gaffe-filled European tour.


Mitt chooses Paul Ryan as his running mate. Most of America is confused.


The Republican National Convention is delayed by a storm.


Bill Clinton steals the show at the Democratic National Convention.


Romney refuses to release his tax returns.


Obama points out that wealthy Americans and business owners "built it" with some significant help from government.


Romney is booed at the NAACP.


Biden says the GOP will put Americans "back in chains."


Todd Akin defines "legitimate rape."


Mitt Romney calls 47 percent of Americans a lazy waste of space.


Obama's performance in the first debate is ... lacking.


Andrew Sullivan has a full-blown panic attack.


Joe Biden delivers the meme-iest debate performance of all time.


Obama delivers a much better performance in the second presidential debate.


Mitt has binders


In the final debate, the candidates say they agree on everything. Can we have a woman moderator back, please?


Another GOP candidate runs his mouth about rape survivors.


Where's Paul Ryan?


Republicans are the ones worried about voter fraud?


Both parties clumsily court women voters.


There's so much drama over Nate Silver's math.


Who are these undecided voters?


Donald Trump tries to manufacture an October surprise.


The predictable critiques of Obama from the left begin to surface. Lefty Democrats get defensive about their vote.


Early voting lines are monstrous.


The election, it's here!

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