The Stupidity of Hating Your Senator for Living Where You've Sent Her to Work

Should we really get mad if our representatives spend too much time in Washington, where they're supposed to be doing their jobs?

How Chuck Todd Can Save Meet the Press

If he can make it as awful as it was in Tim Russert's day, he just might succeed.

Robin Williams and the Weight of Being Famous

It's a wonder more celebrities aren't driven to despair by it.

Watch Paul Waldman on Washington Journal

See the Prospect's contributing editor not react to a caller's assertion of a particular sort of enagement by members of a political party with a moose appendage.

Epic! Cheney Made to Answer to Paul Waldman's Assessment of Iraq Record

In an epic bit of television, Fox News' Megyn Kelly reads Waldman's critique of Cheney's Iraq record to the former vice president on the air—and demands a reaction.

Why Grayson Would Make Perfect Opponent to Gowdy on Benghazi Committee

Many progressives have argued for a Democratic boycott of the House Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi, but that would be a colossal error. 

Impeachment and the Righteous Republicans

Historian Brenda Wineapple discusses her new book The Impeachers: The Trial of Andrew Johnson and the Dream of a New Nation.

Money Against Democracy

How neoliberals captured the machinery of the state to keep citizens from regulating markets

Hobsbawm, Unrepentant

A new biography connects the life and work of the great radical historian of capitalism.

A Historian of Power and Its Discontents

Alan Brinkley, 1949–2019

The Writers Guild’s Dispute Had a Prequel. Lew Wasserman and the Feds Were the Stars.

But this time around, the Justice Department isn't interested in challenging antitrust violations. 

How Private Equity Ate Hollywood—and Why Writers Are Fighting Back

Now largely owned by private equity firms, the big talent agencies have turned to producing films and shows—both representing and employing writers. That, say the writers, doesn’t work.

‘The Brink’: Inside Steve Bannon’s Plan to Ruin the World

After Breitbart, Brexit, and Trump, next up: smashing the European Union.

The Courage to Defy Brutality

The case of a black Army veteran that spurred a South Carolina federal judge to defy his state's white supremacist power structure

The 2016 Election Was Ultimately About One Big Thing

A new book argues it was a struggle over identity.