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Moms 4 Housing’s organizing victory highlighted the twin crises of homelessness and lack of affordable housing in many communities in America. Read more


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Axios’s lead sponsor-enabler Mike Allen leads a ‘hometown’ discussion presented by the giant recidivist bank. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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Long a community with little clout, the state’s renters won a victory with national implications. Read more



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Some California cities may be willing to try them. Read more

Economic Policy


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Ahead of the first 2020 presidential debates, Dems have released some of the most far-reaching housing plans in decades. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

With housing costs gobbling up wage increases for union members and almost everyone else, labor must prioritize housing affordability. Read more

Working in America


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Low-income housing tax credits survived the Republicans’ draconian tax overhaul, but a lower corporate tax rate means investors have lost their appetite for the tax breaks that have helped build many of the country’s affordable housing projects. Read more

Housing and Transportation


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By cutting rates for the wealthy, the Tax Act slashes the value of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

Subsidizing market prices to make housing affordable is a losing strategy. There’s a better way—on display for a century in Vienna. Read more

Housing and Transportation


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New efforts in progressive states focus on affordability—which would also diminish segregation. Read more

Civil Rights in America


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With housing subsidies in limited supply, a California law providing affordable housing to public school teachers could facilitate the transfer of resources away from those most in need.  Read more

Education in America


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In the working-class Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood, community organizers who beat back plans for a high-rise luxury apartment building are taking their affordable housing campaign city-wide. Read more

Economic Policy


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As the movement branches into economic justice, a protest in Cambridge, Massachusetts, led to a public conversation about the city’s housing policies.  Read more

Civil Rights in America


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New research suggests affordable housing can create segregation not only within and between communities, but also within the subsidized housing system itself. Read more

Economic Policy

With pay and benefits on the decline, districts from San Francisco to Newark aim to attract teachers through subsidized housing.  Read more

Education in America


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A 2008 program to help tens of thousands on housing waitlists is finally set to be funded, but House Republicans have other plans. Read more

Money, Politics and Power