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The four biggest tech firms are all opening offices in a very specific section of Manhattan, which happens to be the home district of one of their chief antagonists in Washington. Read more

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Responding to Congress, they make clear that forced arbitration gives them the means to sidestep the law. Read more

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‘Democracy dollars’ and an influx of small donations powered progressive city council members to victory over corporate money. Read more

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Experts say Amazon could mount a strong protest to Microsoft’s victory. Read more

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From Seattle to Mississippi, there are important races for progressives up and down the ballot. Read more


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The e-commerce giant has dropped $1.45 million to buy the Seattle City Council and blunt a vibrant working-class movement. Read more

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Led by Amazon, which has poured $1.4 million into defeating socialist and progressive candidates, the city’s corporate sector wants to stop dead any talk of higher taxes funding public services. Read more

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Today on TAP: Turning a blind eye to abuse of market power Read more


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As the corporate bill mill wanes in influence, large businesses are taking matters into their own hands. Read more

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Corporate power can be neutralized if federal agencies simply used the prodigious authority they’ve been granted. Read more

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Amazon’s dominance doesn’t merely rely on competing with sellers on its platform. It extracts a deep cut from every transaction, at the expense of sellers and customers. Read more

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Concentrated corporate giants like Amazon and the private prison duopoly are sustaining Trump’s cruelties in the migrant camps. Read more

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With 2.5 million third-party sellers, it’s the largest employment-related class barred from using courts for complaints, and confined to the online retailer’s private law. Read more

Working in America


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Do Walmart and Amazon's logistics triumphs reveal a path forward for a centrally planned economy? Read more

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Faced with a nationwide backlash, the world’s largest online retailer pulls back its plan for cashless stores. For now. Read more

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But unions were sharply divided about how to deal with the tech giant. Read more

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Like their New York counterparts, organizers in other potential sites of Amazon expansion want a more democratic process that produces more equitable growth. Read more

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The company's HQ2 will only widen the growing inequality of place. Read more

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Their sheer market power destroys rivals and abuses data of users. Read more

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