Amy Klobuchar

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Jandos Rothstein

Brad Karp, chairman of the BigLaw firm Paul, Weiss, appears as a bundler on numerous 2020 candidate lists. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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Today on TAP: Mayor Pete makes his case Read more



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Like the Wizard of Oz, Mike Bloomberg was forced—chiefly, by a fiery Elizabeth Warren—to come out as himself in last night’s debate. It was not a winning performance. Read more



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Bernie’s authentic; Amy’s empathetic; Mayor Pete’s synthetic; Old Joe’s pathetic. I got no rhyme for Warren (or optimism for her prospects) but admiration nonetheless. Read more


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With friends like the Iowa Democratic Party, does democracy need enemies? Read more



Victor Juhasz

The 2020 Democratic primary has been as much about how candidates raise money as what they want to do once in office. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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Democrats shy from confrontation in Tuesday’s debate, but Warren may get a bounce from her not-quite-but-more-than-confrontational comeback. Read more