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The campaign has also had advisers sign non-disclosure agreements, and in at least one case attempted to lock someone up with a non-compete agreement. Read more


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The four biggest tech firms are all opening offices in a very specific section of Manhattan, which happens to be the home district of one of their chief antagonists in Washington. Read more

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Legal scholars have penned a statement of beliefs about how to best disrupt corporate concentration. Read more

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Responding to Congress, they make clear that forced arbitration gives them the means to sidestep the law. Read more

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Today on TAP: Turning a blind eye to abuse of market power Read more


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The agency’s antitrust investigation of Facebook is ongoing. Read more

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Corporate power can be neutralized if federal agencies simply used the prodigious authority they’ve been granted. Read more

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Its plainly political investigation of auto companies that agreed to California’s emission standards is just that absurd. Read more

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The day after one regulator announces an investigation into Big Tech, another gives Facebook a wet kiss. It’s all part of a pattern. Read more

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The insurance company/pharmacy merger could have been fixed to prevent market power, even if it wasn’t totally blocked. Read more

Economic Policy

How today’s antitrust law strengthens top-down corporate control and weakens democratic cooperation Read more

Economic Policy


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The competition that justifies capitalism is being destroyed—by capitalists. Read more

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Hint: It would require the serious use of antitrust law. When push comes to shove, Trump is more fellow plutocrat than populist. Read more

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Time to overturn the revolution wrought by Robert Bork. We need antitrust more than ever. Read more

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Uber recently settled one lawsuit, but its drivers remain contractors and several court challenges loom—including one that puts the ride-sharing service in the crosshairs of antitrust law. Read more

Working in America

Despite low inflation and some bargain prices, economic concentration and novel abuses of market power are pervasive in today's economy—harming consumers, workers, and innovators. We need a new antitrust for a new predatory era. Read more

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