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With the coal industry dying, public officials are promoting fracking and petrochemicals. Activists are working to demonstrate that the region’s real economic future is green. Read more

Energy and the Environment

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Appalachians Against Pipelines

The protests, intended to slow down the Mountain Valley Pipeline in Virginia and West Virginia, are now in their second year. Read more

Energy and the Environment


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Stephen Smith has brought an organizer’s mentality to his campaign for governor of West Virginia. He’s not just trying to win an election, but build a movement. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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The question of the trail’s ownership looms large in a case that may be headed to the Supreme Court. The answer could determine the fate of natural gas megaprojects on the East Coast. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

America’s beleaguered poor and working class have a host of problems, but the culture of irresponsibility that J.D. Vance says they’re prey to isn’t one of them. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

How the American Federation of Teachers has taken the lead in reinvigorating the poorest county in the state Read more

Housing and Transportation


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For years, states have cut school funding while reducing taxes on corporations. But teachers and workers are fighting back. Read more

Economic Policy


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West Virginia’s teachers won a 5 percent pay raise for all state employees. But it was the legislature’s corporate tax cuts that underfunded the teachers in the first place—and it may slash public services to pay for the raise. Read more

Education in America

How the Democrats won and lost it. Read more

Economic Policy