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Arthur Goldhammer is a writer, translator, and Affiliate of the Center for European Studies at Harvard. He blogs at French Politics. Follow him on Twitter: @artgoldhammer.

Domestic political turmoil in the European Union’s four largest economies spells trouble ahead. Read more

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In Germany, Angela Merkel announces her intention to step down as party leader. What are the implications for the European Union? Read more

America and the World

Three authors engage with the threats to a liberal society. Read more

Housing and Transportation


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It’s been half a century since young people around the world asserted that the times were “a-changin’.” Could another youth rebellion be in the making? Read more

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Coalition talks between Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats and Martin Schulz’s Social Democrats have begun. Will the German center hold, or will the talks end in collapse and an end of the Merkel era? Read more

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France’s Republican Party has chosen a new leader, Laurent Wauquiez, who did not hesitate to divide the party in order to conquer it. Now, having expelled his erstwhile comrades of the center-right, he has no alternative but to try to poach voters from the extremist Front National. Read more

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Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's new documentary is an immemorial tale of men at war, almost Homeric in its directness and simplicity. Read more

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In this year’s federal election, Angela Merkel won a fourth term, but the German far-right achieved its strongest showing since World War II.   Read more

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Merkel and Macron need each other, as emblems of a still vital European center. But can Macron deliver more than symbols, and will Merkel take her foot off Europe’s oxygen hose? Read more

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The election of Emmanuel Macron as the next president of France could presage a dramatic party realignment. Read more

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In the first round of the French presidential election, voters shocked everyone by doing exactly what the polls predicted they would do. Round two will make 39-year-old Emmanuel Macron the youngest French president and the first not to be a member of one of the two major parties. Read more

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Given up for dead just a few weeks ago, Jean-Luc Mélenchon has come roaring back and threatens to turn the French presidential race upside down. Read more

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Between the idea and the reality falls the shadow. The art of politics is to illuminate the landscape while casting the smallest possible shadow. The five of 11 French presidential candidates standing highest in the polls will face off tonight in a televised debate. Read more

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François Fillon, who at the end of last year looked like a sure bet to become the next president of France, has been repudiated by many in his own party in the wake of a scandal involving the misuse of government funds for his own benefit. His campaign manager and chief spokesperson have resigned. Where does this leave the increasingly surreal French presidential race? Read more

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A new book argues that data science may serve to reinforce inequality.  Read more

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Raoul Peck’s masterful film about James Baldwin, I Am Not Your Negro, reminds us that we are not free to choose the condition of our existence—a useful reminder at a time when the president insists that fear of the alien is the defining characteristic of the American condition. Read more

Civil Rights in America


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The 2017 presidential race in France has already produced one major upset and may yet see several others before a new president is chosen in May. Whatever happens, the Fifth Republic is no longer the regime Charles de Gaulle conceived in his own image nearly 60 years ago. Nor is the Socialist Party the force that François Mitterrand conceived in his own image a decade and a half later. The end of an era has arrived. Read more

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Can Donald Trump govern the United States as he presided over The Apprentice? The president-elect brings his genius for cruelty and delight in humiliating competitors to the White House. Read more

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Next spring’s French presidential contest is shaping up as a battle between the right and the far right. Will a majority coalesce around the right-wing candidate to keep the far right out of power as in 2002? Will a viable challenger emerge on the left? Don’t bet on it. The world has changed, and so has the Front National. Read more

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Former Prime Minister François Fillon crushes the opposition in the first round of the primary for the presidential nomination of the center-right Republican primary. The winner of the runoff could well become France’s next president—if he can beat Marine Le Pen. Read more

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