Bernie Sanders

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And backing off the ‘identity’ issues will achieve nothing but mush. Read more



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That’s one reason why the upcoming caucuses may be a dry run for the big organizing needed in November’s general election. Read more


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Watch what the candidates do, not (just) what they say. Read more


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Today on TAP: A few thousand voters in tiny, unrepresentative states hold outsize power Read more


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History will remember both Sanders and Warren for taking on American capitalism. Their differences won’t loom that large. Read more


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Democrats shy from confrontation in Tuesday’s debate, but Warren may get a bounce from her not-quite-but-more-than-confrontational comeback. Read more


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The 2010s saw a surge in activism. Here are some of the highlights. Read more

Civil Rights in America

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Today on TAP: Health care and free college are not radical ideas Read more



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The Prospect’s executive editor interviewed newsmakers and campaigners at Thursday’s debate. Read more



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Biden doesn’t blither; Warren defends wealth tax; what Klobuchar sees when she looks at Buttigieg. Read more


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The ‘team’ we need to make America decent again Read more


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The lesson is not that Democrats need to be centrists—but that they’d better get serious about trade, or right-wing populists like Trump will keep eating their lunch. Read more

America and the World

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The Progressive Caucus is threatening to vote down a drug pricing bill important to Nancy Pelosi. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have backed them up. Read more

, Politics

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Neither will win the nomination, but by accumulating delegates one of them may determine who does. Read more



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Democrats are failing to connect Trump to their larger critique of the status quo political economy. Read more


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Today on TAP: Medicare for All may arrive in stages, and that’s OK Read more


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And while Democratic hopefuls have swarmed the state, three-quarters of Democratic voters don’t know whom they’ll support. Read more


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The folly of voluntary charity as a substitute for government tax and transfer policies is most evident in the story of the Giving Pledge. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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Elizabeth Warren’s and Bernie Sanders’s Medicare for All funding plans reveal strategic differences among progressives. Read more

Health and Social Policy

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Pete Buttigieg is coming on strong, as the Wall Street Democrat heir to a faltering Joe Biden. Can he overtake Warren and Sanders in Iowa? Read more