Coined in 2012 by Peter Wilding, head of U.K. think tank British Influence, Brexit blends the words “Britain” and “exit.” It refers to the effort to extract the United Kingdom from the European Union, since it was voted on in a nationwide referendum in 2016. It’s not going well.

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The December 12 parliamentary election has brought out Labour’s secret weapon: organizers who have been working for years to end austerity and bring a new politics to the U.K. Read more

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How did Boris Johnson almost solve Brexit? Irish Ambassador to the U.S. Daniel Mulhall says it was diplomacy. Read more

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Scoping out what the results would mean for Britain—and Brexit. Read more

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Many years of Brexit-induced uncertainty lie ahead. Read more

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Labour’s best hope for victory in a general election, just as it was in 2017, is to get people talking about something besides Brexit. Read more

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As Brexit looms, a surge of community organizing from within is bridging political divides and refocusing the British Labour Party. Read more

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Which takes precedence: The 2016 referendum or the Parliament? (And what if the Parliament can’t take a position?) Read more

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Boris Johnson is shredding Britain’s unwritten conventions of parliamentary democracy—and he faces no real challenge. Read more

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Boris Johnson will have to choose between Brexit revolutionary zeal and political expediency. Read more

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Can Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn find their way to a solution? Read more

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Theresa May is only the latest career politician to be consumed by the Brexit disaster.  Read more

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As gridlock in Parliament mounts, Jeremy Corbyn must find a way to move his leftist agenda to the center of the conversation. Read more

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TAP Goes to the Oscars: Sidestepping history, Dunkirk and Darkest Hour are custom-made for Brexit-era Britain. Read more

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