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From Kenya to Sweden, from Britain to China, countries have made progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Read more

Green New Deal


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The French protest movement sparked by a gas tax hike remains committed to fighting for economic justice. Read more

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How did Boris Johnson almost solve Brexit? Irish Ambassador to the U.S. Daniel Mulhall says it was diplomacy. Read more

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The leading pharmaceutical lobby gave to numerous Republican groups—and one key Democratic one. Read more

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Scoping out what the results would mean for Britain—and Brexit. Read more

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Brittany Gibson

Recipients of DACA and TPS brought their fight to the steps of the courthouse. Read more

Law and Justice

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When Virginians vote next week, they’ll have a chance to overthrow a Republican regime that governed through gerrymandering. Read more



Brittany Gibson

While Democrats win its statewide elections, Republicans have clung to a narrow legislative majority. But next week’s elections may end their reign. Read more

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The history of government whistleblowing in the U.S. is fraught with charges of espionage, inadequate protections, and real hardships for those who speak out. Read more

Law and Justice

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China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia have come in well behind the greenhouse gas emissions goals the world needs to stave off the worst effects of a warming planet. Read more

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Of those supporting the impeachment inquiry, 71 percent want all of Trump’s impeachable offenses brought to a vote, the poll shows. Read more


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No G7 country is close to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a level necessary to prevent excessive warming. Read more

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The House Intelligence Committee chair will “be working through the recess” to get more information on President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. Read more

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Brittany Gibson

Calling out Congress to do the right, and necessary, thing Read more

Energy and the Environment


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Which takes precedence: The 2016 referendum or the Parliament? (And what if the Parliament can’t take a position?) Read more

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Where Trump destroys, Warren will build. Read more

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