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A bipartisan budget proposal would set up a reflexive process to reduce spending above a projected threshold. Read more


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HUD has turned to the private market for money that legislators won’t provide. Read more



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Contrary to Republican talking points, programs like welfare and food stamps make up a tiny fraction of the federal budget.  Read more

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The right devised cost-benefit analysis to discredit regulation. Now this technique is showing massive net benefits, and the foes of environmental regulation are in a panic. Read more

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They aren’t a problem politically, and they benefit the country economically. But Republicans only admit this when one of their own is in the White House. Read more

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Increasing minimum wage to $15 an hour would be very good news for American workers. Read more

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The economists and professors say that debt relief can improve and stabilize the U.S. economy. Read more

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How Arthur Laffer taught the GOP to govern without restraint Read more

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Democrats need to be specific about repealing the Trump tax cuts.  Read more

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Refocusing the Social Security debate around intergenerational justice will ensure the viability of retirement for all. Read more

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Even VA privatizers agree that the MISSION Act is likely to stumble. Read more

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It’s a necessary step in identifying progressives’ tax priorities. Read more

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The PAYGO rule not just a relic of another era, but of an era when Democratic assumptions about fiscal politics were revealed as self-deceptions. Read more

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An ambitious, progressive agenda must begin with fixing the IRS.  Read more

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But the eventual political choices will be complicated.  Read more

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How conflicts of interest on the part of a senior banking regulator, Joseph Otting, help explain why the Community Reinvestment Act is on the chopping block. Read more

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A new Sierra Club survey finds bipartisan agreement on the region’s public transportation woes and support for stronger efforts to deal with air pollution and climate change. Read more

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West Virginia’s teachers won a 5 percent pay raise for all state employees. But it was the legislature’s corporate tax cuts that underfunded the teachers in the first place—and it may slash public services to pay for the raise. Read more

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