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It’s now increasingly clear that maximizing shareholder value has led to minimizing everything else a corporation could and should do. Read more

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Want to make a killing in the stock market without actually creating anything of value? Try Buybax! Read more

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The debate over buybacks is a debate over how to create more broadly shared prosperity. Here’s why their defenders’ arguments are flat-out wrong. Read more

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Sanders and Schumer target buybacks as a way to leak corporate profits to investors. But their solution is an unnecessary Rube Goldberg contraption. Read more

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For the past three decades, the overriding priority of American corporations has been paying their shareholders. That’s just what they’ve done with their tax cut. Read more

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The Post gives defenders their say, and they don't say much. Read more

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We need to make stock buybacks illegal, as they were before 1982. Read more

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The Trump tax cuts have exposed how the Shareholder First economy benefits Wall Street investors and CEOs at the expense of everyone else.  Read more

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The dramatic widening of income inequality reflects how the corporate mission has shifted over the last 35 years. Read more

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