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One of thousands facing an uncertain future as the Trump administration vows to scrap DACA, poet and social worker Alex Alpharaoh reveals his struggle onstage. Read more

Civil Rights in America


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In this swing state, Phoenix’s Maricopa County will be the battleground within the battleground. Read more


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A French economist finds that America’s tax structure lies at the heart of inequality. Read more

Economic Policy

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Erie—a struggling corner of Pennsylvania’s struggling economy—appears to be back in the Democratic column, but how can we be sure? Read more



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If AB 5 becomes law, it could open the floodgates to similar legislation in other states. Uber and other companies may then find themselves on the defensive. Read more

Working in America


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The National Labor Relations Board is not just changing rules but reversing long-standing precedents. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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A veteran labor reporter finds hope for unions in boycotts, minimum-wage campaigns, and strikes. Read more

Economic Policy


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Some California cities may be willing to try them. Read more

Economic Policy


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A year after Janus v. AFSCME, right-to-work forces organize against organized labor in California. Read more

Law and Justice


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Today fears about privacy and census confidentiality loom large among African Americans. Read more

Health and Social Policy


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The citizenship question will lead to undercounting millions of Latino, Asian, and immigrant households, many with legal status—and nowhere more so than in California. Read more

Civil Rights in America


Joe Rihn

The strike by Uber and Lyft drivers came amidst highly anticipated initial public offerings from the two rideshare giants. Read more

Working in America


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Diseases don’t respect borders, nor do they care about passports, citizenship, or residency. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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California's AB 5 could be a gamechanger for millions of workers in the gig economy. Read more

Working in America


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Prisons have been called universities of crime. What if they became, instead, actual universities? Read more

Law and Justice


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Increasing ICE’s funding threatens more immigrant families, though the legislation also requires the agency to report more regularly to Congress. Read more

Civil Rights in America


David Bacon

California agribusiness seeks to reduce guest workers’ pay Read more

Working in America


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The scenes unfolding outside students' schools gave them daily glimpses of their teachers' commitment and the power of collective action. Read more

Education in America


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The walkout has led to a long overdue assessment of charter schools and forced a reconsideration of how much we are willing to invest in public education. Read more

Education in America


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Superintendent Austin Beutner and his allies have made it clear they do not believe that the LA Unified School District in its current incarnation is worth investing in—or even preserving. Read more

Education in America


Arturo Talavera

The U.S./Mexico border has become the focal point for an international human rights crisis that only seems to be getting worse. Veteran photographer Arturo Talavera captures images from refugee camps in Mexico City and Tijuana, and the desperate line Read more

Civil Rights in America