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Last week, Trump took his fight against asylum seekers straight to the top, and the Supreme Court okayed it. Sotomayor and Ginsburg thought that set a scary precedent. Read more

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Long-distance victims of Trump’s war on immigrants, African migrants have few options for refuge and fewer ways to support themselves while they wait. Read more

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Democrats need more than compassionate policies for refugees. They need a policy to deal with the immigrant flow itself. Read more

Civil Rights in America

An interim final rule from the Trump administration, which they say could begin as soon as tomorrow, could have a stronger effect than the rumored “safe third country” agreement.  Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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If the U.S. signs a “safe third country” agreement with Guatemala, migrants seeking refuge will have to file for asylum in the Northern Triangle country. Read more

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Refugees flee this Honduran city, which has long been a vast, American-owned sweatshop. Read more

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It’s the United States that has unleashed the chain of violence that has forced thousands of refugees to seek asylum here. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Trump administration policies will force a growing number of asylum seekers back to their countries, where they could face threats, violence, and death. Read more

Civil Rights in America


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Teachers across the state are uniting in their call to end the raids, which have disrupted the education of immigrant students. Read more

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