Christopher Jencks

Christopher Jencks is Malcolm Wiener Professor of Social Policy at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. His books include Inequality: A Reassessment of the Effect of Family and Schooling in America

and Black-White Test Score Gap

. He is a Prospect contributing editor.

America needs to do a much better job of increasing its college enrollment and graduation rates, especially for less advantaged students. Read more

Special Report

Clinton’s proposal for a two-year limit on AFDC payments would be the most far-reaching welfare reform since 1935. But if the goal is to make welfare mothers self-sufficient, it won’t be cheap. Read more

Economic Policy

The current movement to reform welfare implies an uncomfortable thought: Perhaps poor women don't have the right to bear children. Are we really prepared to say that? Read more

Economic Policy

If former welfare beneficiaries can get jobs, they'll be better off, right? Not necessarily. Because their costs will be higher, particularly for child care and health care, they may earn more yet do worse. Read more

Economic Policy

Despite significant improvement in recent decades, blacks still score consistently lower than whites on tests of academic performance. But recent studies show that the gap is not genetic in origin and suggest how it can be closed. Read more

Education in America

A new study documents that in major cities, a welfare check barely pays rent and utilities. Read more

Economic Policy

News reports of an all-time record crime wave have set off a panic that America is out of control. What are the real facts? Read more

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