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Devin Boone

The Silver State’s new workforce is younger and more likely to skew Democratic, but its members’ political affiliations are a bit opaque. Read more



Esteban Whiteside

If separating immigrant children from their parents at the border upsets you, Michael Bloomberg’s policies separated black and brown children from their parents all across New York. Read more



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And that could produce an uneven count depending on the private dollars available in various communities. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

Proposed legislation in New York attacks a leading source of emissions that rarely gets noticed. Read more

Energy and the Environment


Ric Tapia via AP

California unveils some of the biggest election changes in its history on Super Tuesday. After the Iowa debacle, will voters in the country’s largest voting jurisdiction pay enough attention to the new way they must vote? Read more



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Big cities have shunned free public transit. Now, KC’s free-fares push may provide transit systems across the country with a ‘how-to’ guide. Read more

Housing and Transportation

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Ricardo B. Brazziell/Austin American-Statesman via AP

Local Progress, a nationwide network of left-leaning municipal elected officials, is fast becoming the strategic switchboard for America’s increasingly liberal cities. Read more


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Stephen Pingry/Tulsa World via AP

Oklahoma’s second-largest city bets that people who can work anywhere will settle down in this affordable community, especially if they get the chance to try it out first. Read more

Working in America

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Gabriel Furshong

Congress will finally pass a bill that restores their sovereignty. Read more

Law and Justice

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Derrick Z. Jackson

Priority for abused communities must pervade every aspect of a Green New Deal. Read more

Green New Deal


Cross Pollinators

How a progressive climate vision might help my hometown Read more

Green New Deal


Jason Schneider

Cities can promote green energy and local deliberations—what they need is more federal resources. Read more

Green New Deal

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Bill Hughes/Bloomsburg Press Enterprise/AP Photo

The city is close to passing a bill that would cap water rates for low-income residents and help them out of water debt. Read more

Economic Policy


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A new proposed rule would allow ‘rent-a-bank’ schemes that could permit unlimited interest rates on loans as long as they come via a chartered bank. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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John Minchillo/AP Photo

Erie—a struggling corner of Pennsylvania’s struggling economy—appears to be back in the Democratic column, but how can we be sure? Read more


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David Zalubowski/AP Photo

Voters reject a constitutional amendment that would have ended tax refunds for state residents and re-directed those dollars to sectors in need of a fiscal infusion. Read more

Housing and Transportation

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Hugh Carey/Summit Daily News via AP

Voters can’t fathom why a booming state doesn’t have great highways, transit, and public education—and in November, they’ll have a chance to fix them. Read more


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Susan Walsh/AP Photo

HUD has turned to the private market for money that legislators won’t provide. Read more


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Elaine Thompson/AP Photo

The e-commerce giant has dropped $1.45 million to buy the Seattle City Council and blunt a vibrant working-class movement. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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Ted S. Warren/AP Photo

Led by Amazon, which has poured $1.4 million into defeating socialist and progressive candidates, the city’s corporate sector wants to stop dead any talk of higher taxes funding public services. Read more

Money, Politics and Power